Thursday, September 5, 2013

Narrative essay ideas in less than a minute.

I'll start this lesson with a question, Bonefish. What is a story?

That's easy. A story has a beginning and middle and an end.

So does an earthworm, that doesn't make an earthworm a story.

A story is made up.

So is a recipe for chicken pot pie, that doesn't make it a story.

A story has things happen inside it.

So does a washing machine - - clothes get cleaned. But a washing machine is not a story.

I give up, Mr. Butt. What is a story?

It's simple. A story is a way of telling about a character with a problem that must be resolved. CPR for short. Have you ever heard of using CPR to come up with a story idea, Bonefish?

CPR? Sounds like a good way to breathe life into a story idea.

It is. To use it, you simply think of an interesting character and give that character a difficult problem to resolve. Giving characters problems they must resolve make stories enjoyable to read.

But why don’t we just buy an idea potion instead of coming up with characters and problems? You can get an idea potion cheap at Crazy Lulu’s Potions, Curses and Chili Shack out on Haunted Lake.

Thank you, no. I once bought an idea potion from Crazy Lulu. It was terrible. That potion made me come up with the most horrible writing ideas.

Like what?

Like a sequel to James and the Giant Peach called Bernie and the Fairly Large Kumquat. It also suggested a book of tips for raising ravenous hyenas as pets. Another idea was to write a book about a boy with terrible gas problems caused by a magical elf. It was called Harry Pooter and the Goblin of Farts.

That last idea definitely stinks.

Yes, so why don’t you try making stories using CPR?

I’ll give it a whirl.

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